About Rona

Rona Elliot has given us intimate looks at the lives of some of rock’s greatest singers, songwriters and performers including The Rolling Stones – the subject of her enhanced eBook, MICK AND KEITH: NEVER STOP, available now from NBC Publishing. The Stones are among the list of legendary performers who Elliot has interviewed during her long career from Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, U2, Sting, the Who, Billy Joel, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles just to get the list going…

In an illustrious career highlighted by years on the air as the Music Correspondent for NBC’s TODAY Show, Elliot covered rock n roll and its superstars around the world.  Rona Elliot has engaged musicians and artists in the kind of thought-provoking dialogue that encourages them to reveal what drives their creative process, all the while letting us listen in like the proverbial fly on the wall.

Cultural and social influences, musicians and artists, from the Dalai Lama to Dolly Parton have responded to Elliot’s extraordinary gift of creating an authentic environment for conversation and reflection outside the usual artificial restrictions of popular television and media styles.

Elliot’s first major TV coup was to secure the first big TV interview for the TODAY Show with Tina Turner after her acclaimed comeback and was granted unparalleled access to the GRAMMY® winner in subsequent years, covering her concerts across the U.S. and the U.K.

From breaking the Band Aid charity recording story with 80’s superstars Duran Duran from London’s legendary Abbey Road studios that would evolve into Live Aid; to covering the rock concert celebrating Nelson Mandela’s securing his freedom at London’s Wembley Stadium; to traveling with The Rolling Stones for the first rock concert ever in then-Czechoslovakia after the Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism; or on the lighter side, writing about “American Idol” for USA Today, Elliot has consistently delivered an eyewitness account of seminal moments in popular culture.

Elliot’s earliest gigs included working at the legendary Woodstock Festival in 1969 and in the San Francisco underground radio scene that rocked the airwaves in the 1970s. Her first Bay Area television show, local Emmy-nominated “Went Like it Came,” was years ahead of its time, a forerunner to the late night freewheeling TV programming that would follow.

Her recent work with Genesis Publications UK, the premier producer of limited edition, collectible rock art books, gave Elliot an opportunity to revisit one of rock’s most legendary concerts through her personal experience as a staff member.  As U.S. editor of Genesis’ “Woodstock 40,” she conducted dozens of interviews and organized a wealth of stories, historical documents and essays about Woodstock.  She also worked closely with the Newseum in Washington, DC, assisting their team in organizing an exhibit celebrating the Woodstock anniversary.  She is called on as a music expert for a wide variety of outlets – TV, radio, online and in print and is called on as a guest speaker for general audiences and students on the subject of rock & roll and discovering your passion.

Currently, Rona is privileged to be on the Board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.  She also has conducted in-depth oral history interviews with rock’s greatest influences for the GRAMMY Living Legend Foundation, serves on the GRAMMY Museum’s Education Advisory Committee and is a trained interviewer of Holocaust survivors for the Steven Spielberg Shoah Visual History Foundation.

Elliot lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three sons.