12-12-12 Concert Review

The Concert for Hurricane Sandy relief had everything…..except women performers! Yes, I swooned over Clapton and drummer Steve Jordan; I loved seeing Pete Townshend’s sly smile and even enjoyed Roger Daltrey’s proud display of his often revered chest that should have remained buttoned up; and of course, Mick and Keith and Sir Paul have all stolen my hearts long ago. But really now, I know rock and roll has always been the domain of men, but this is 2012 concert producers! Alicia Keys is great but she’s not the only game in town. We all know that and Diana Krall is an elegant presence on the piano and was lovely backing Sir Paul. Billy Joel’s percussionist too rocked out, but I want to know why that was virtually it? A back up singer or two but no heavy hitters.

I ran through the list of possibilities, whether or not they were my favorites or had the chops to perform at this major league event. Was Beyonce on the road perhaps or otherwise engaged, or maybe like Huey Lewis in the 80s at the Amnesty International benefit concert at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, he wanted more time than promoters would give him (though he later denied that) and therefore declined to play.

Cyndi Lauper, a natural selection for New York City was nowhere to be seen, maybe not an A lister but surely deserving of a song. Where was J.Lo and on what block?
There’s almost no artist who hasn’t paid some time and dues in New York and therefore could have been drafted as a New Yorker. Chrissie Hynde – a hard rocker if there ever was one; Joan Jett? Debbie Harry? Carole King? Bonnie Raitt for some musical authority would have worked. Someone with some estrogen please up on that stage. What were they thinking…the absence was notable with a capital N.

Also, while I’m observing, a tip of the hat to Ravi Shankar and recognition of his passing from this would would’ve been appropriate and respectful. Without Shankar’s urging , the first of all charity events like this one, Bangladesh, held at Madison Square Garden in 1971 with George Harrison at his side, would not have happened.

2 responses to “12-12-12 Concert Review

  1. We have been talking
    about this in the office all day-every 10 minutes popping up with “Cyndi Lauper!,” “Carole King!,” and on and on. The concert needed female rockers on that stage, not the elephant in the room that their absence highlighted.

  2. Definitely should have gotten Debbie Harry/Blondie.

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