If Mick Jagger can still ROCK at 70, I can enter a Beauty Contest at 66, right?

As I was filling out the form for the More Magazine Beauty contest representing women in each decade of life, I considered this: what the —- are you doing here really?  Why would you want to do this and expose yourself in this way?  You’re 66 years old!  It’s one thing to write about musicians and their impact on the culture, but it’s another to put yourself out there particularly as the clock is ticking, certainly for me personally and all baby boomers – ultimately everyone in this dance of life.

Then I really thought about the work I’d been doing in the last 2 years, about the impact of the Rolling Stones (who play LA this week, May 3rd) and how much has been made of their turning 70; how this week, the great music genius, Willie Nelson turns 80 and how my goddess/heroine Tina Turner is 73 right now! So I thought why not enter a beauty contest, I’ve done everything else!  I’m pretty comfortable with myself now. My other top heroine inspiration in my life turned 80 this year and that is Yoko Ono and she is hot and rocking and still smarter than anyone in the room.

It’s not that the wrinkles or sagging or elasticity is as it was in the 60s or 70s for that matter, but the internal elasticity is fabulous, which is to say, I am more comfortable in my own skin than I have been in my entire life.

A beauty contest? Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?  Others could judge and criticize me and that’s what people do naturally anyway, all the time (nothing personal here!).

People’s beauty comes from within and is radiated and represented outside ultimately.  So many of the commanding people who have influenced me recently including of course, His Holiness the Dalai Lama currently 77 are those whose  wisdom has been accumulated over time, and I hope mine has, too.

And, to be perfectly frank, I like doing things that push me to an edge where historically discomfort resides, and as I have never thought of myself as a Sophia Loren (for those old enough to recall her youthful exquisite being) or a Charlize Theron, it’s something to enter a contest where your looks are what is valued and important.  I always competed where intelligence, brains and thoughtfulness were the premier qualities. All that said, it came to this as I finished the online More Magazine form for the contest of Women in their 60s, I thought this will be fun and will stretch me and I’ll learn something and maybe meet some great new people.  What could be better?

If you would like to vote for me, by all means, please do so by clicking HERE!

More Magazine Rona Elliot Vote

One response to “If Mick Jagger can still ROCK at 70, I can enter a Beauty Contest at 66, right?

  1. Rona, honey: it’s Lesleigh Tolin, trying to find you to say hi…what is your email?
    My bro, Steve, sends his best as well!

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