This will be the last time…

My Stones May 20th review of the LA Staples Center Show!

Quite a different show than 2 weeks earlier! Having been on the receiving end of criticism from all quarters regarding Gwen Stefani’s dismal  performance at their first LA performance, Mick told the audience in no uncertain terms: “No special guest tonight, you’re the special guest!”

Rona Elliot Keith Richards May 20 LARona Elliot Mick Jagger May 20 LA

Mick Taylor played around 5 songs — amazing!!!!!! He was comfortable and in the groove,  he got everyone onstage and in the band – that much more excited in their musical exchanges! Everyone was  on fire for Midnight Rambler! Go Mick Taylor!  He smiled too! Darryl Jones got a big solo – fantastic! The entire concert  was more stripped down and more rocking – more Stones – fantastic! A lot of grumbling in all quarters about high ticket prices and apparently some fans were able to get expensive tickets, much reduced, at showtime. A lot of criticism about making the show unavailable to hard core fans at those prices.

Rona Elliot Rolling Stones May 20 LA       Rona Elliot Ronnie Wood May 20 LA

But, I spent my first total concert  in the “Tongue Pit” as its’ called, gluing myself to the edge of the wall on the inside ramp at the edge  and therefore able to look up and see Mick, Keith and Ronnie as they danced and circled over and over just above my eyeline……  The greatest and beyond belief! They returned to their rocking roots in LA before heading out!

Rona Elliot in The Rolling Stones Pit

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